Baby Shower


My husband and I recently threw a baby shower for some of our friends who have a baby girl arriving next month! Because we are friends with both of them, we decided to throw a co-ed shower and have it be more of a party as opposed to a lot of women sitting around eating cucumber sandwiches (not that I don’t love a good cucumber sandwich and a baby shower game!!).

Cake table with some other sweets, a canvas print of the mom-to-be and a few other fun details!


Such a simple treat to make for a baby boy or baby girl’s shower–and everyone loved them! More on these to come!

I originally started with the idea of just having eucalyptus everywhere and neutral colors but as the planning went along, somehow more and more pink came into the mix!! In fact you could probably say that pink ended up being the theme (all in good taste of course!!). The cake was definitely my favorite item of everything we did.

Semi-naked cake topped with flowers and a cake topper I collaborated with Presto Party by Kelli on! You can purchase your own here !

I’m going to do some more detailed posts on my favorite elements of the shower but wanted to go ahead and share some pictures of the special day!

Teepee for the gifts–topped with florals of course! Teepee can be purchased here. It was the perfect touch for an empty corner and I loved being able to tell guests that they could place their gifts in the teepee upon arrival to the shower haha!!
The dad-to-be asked to keep this “gifts” sign because he was feeling sentimental.


Ready to Pop popcorn favors for guests to grab on the way out the door.

UPDATE! These baby shower favor tags are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

These napkins were a quick amazon purchase but we did white and gold for all of our plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery. I actually loved these in person and they paired perfectly with the plates and forks we picked up from Target. Nice balance to having everything else pink!

Can’t wait to share more!!

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