Big Announcement!

Okay so funny story…remember when I shared this post about getting my life back on track after feeling like I was behind on everything?? Well little did I know when I was writing it that we were about to have yet another curve ball thrown at us and this time it was a pretty big one!

This photo took about 100 tries and lots of food bribery! I added some details on the chalkboard sign how-to at the bottom of the post.

It was quite the big surprise but in mid-March amid the chaos of selling our house, we found out we’re expecting a sweet little arrival in early November. We didn’t know how to feel at first since we were in a bit of shock but of course now we are full on excited (and terrified ha!). We hosted a baby shower at our house a couple of days after finding out and were full of questions for the parents to be but couldn’t tell them why yet!


We’ve now had a chance to share with friends and family which is such a relief! I never realized how rotten you could feel during the first trimester before you can really announce why you haven’t felt like getting out of bed or washing your hair in 3 days. I’m not going to say I’m getting everything back on track and organized again because last time I jinxed myself but I do feel like I’ve gotten my energy back and have gotten caught up with bigger projects that I’ve been working on.

There will be lots of fun to come with the new house being done in August and a baby nursery to plan. We find out the gender on June 12th (although our ultrasound tech gave us a guess during our last visit) and then the planning and pinning will be full throttle. Now that I’m feeling back to myself and have so much fun stuff in the works, I’ll definitely be around more but I just wanted to say a quick hello and give an update on where I’ve been for the past few months!

Chalkboard Sign Details

I did a more detailed chalkboard “how to” post a while back which can be seen here but just wanted to share a few details on this board for those of you who are planning something similar!

Chalkboard Sign: Hobby Lobby, similar here

Chalk Markers: Marvy Uchida Bistro Chalk Markers even though these are my favorites–we didn’t plan ahead enough to have these on hand!

Bribing dogs to look at the camera: Tater tots 🙂

How to: I used the procreate app on my ipad to sketch out a sign to scale. This just ensures that everything is centered and spaced out as you’d want to it to look on the sign. You could do this with a pencil and paper very easily too! Once you have the measurements of where all the words will go, I measure and put pencil marks down the side of the sign where each line of text will go. A laser level is helpful to line up the measurements on either side and ensure that your text is straight. The beautiful thing about chalk markers is if you mess up, you can just erase with a wet paper towel and start over!

I have become so obsessed with baby announcements and seeing everyone’s creative ideas–would love to see yours!!!




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