Life Lately & Getting Back on Track

I recently saw someone post that they needed a fresh new year to start 2018 over again and I couldn’t agree more! The first couple months of the year went by in a total blur, especially February.  I know it’s only shorter than the rest of the months by 2-3 days but it makes a big difference; mix in the flu and putting a house up for sale and it sure goes by in a blink!

Mountain getaway that we enjoyed in Banner Elk, NC with friends!

I felt so organized heading into February with so many ideas for Valentine’s Day and a whole month’s worth of blog posts and Instagram ideas. We went on a quick mountain getaway with friends the first week of February and the following Monday I woke up with the flu. It was the first time I’d ever had the flu and at the risk of sounding like a baby, it really kicked my butt. I was in bed for 5 days and felt completely exhausted for another 5 days beyond that.

Visit to Grandfather Mountain pre-flu and pre-feeling like an overall mess!

Just when I was starting to get into the swing of things and getting caught up on orders, we made a decision to put our house on the market which threw things into chaos again! We had been thinking about moving due to our jobs and being closer to my family, but we had a very quick turnaround between making the definite decision to sell and when we actually listed our house so it was late nights of packing up the clutter and moving things into our garage. Things are still up in the air with how everything on the home front will pan out but it has kept us busy and out of our usual routine for sure!

So why am I rambling (borderline whining) about all of this? Because I feel like I need a big fat reset button for the year 2018 to get back in a routine of productivity and you are WAY more likely to do something if you write it down.  Not only are my Etsy shop and this blog my side hustles, but they are a way to find balance through flexing the creative side of my brain, which is something I don’t get to do much of in my 9 to 5 job.

I’ve been getting organized again with my calendar, blocking off time to work on creative projects just like I would for any other appointments, and also making a to-do list before bed each night (not only does this get everything organized on paper, but I think it also makes me less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and make to-do lists in my head!!).

I think there should be a lot of fun content coming this way but I just wanted to give a quick life update in the meantime!

Would love to hear your ideas on how you find balance and what you do to feel less like you are clinging on for dear life when life gets a little chaotic!

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