How to throw an AMAZING bachelorette party!

Of course the months leading up to a wedding are full of showers and events but one of the things that the whole bridal party anticipates most is the bachelorette party, of course!

Here is a roundup of the 8 must haves that will make for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend! Some are logistical and some are fluff but you definitely need both for the weekend to be truly memorable!


1. Pick a Weekend- If you’re stuck on trying to figure out a weekend, Doodle is a great tool to figure out what weekend the most people will be available. Send it out with all of the weekends that the bride is available and it will tell you what weekend the most people can come. Once the weekend is locked down, you can confirm the guest list,  pick a house or hotel and let everyone know exactly how much they’ll be responsible for paying.

2. Theme– This doesn’t have to be anything crazy but having a little motif that you can use on emails or invitations beforehand will get people excited leading up to the event and it will also make it easier to pick out cohesive decor.

I picked flamingos for a recent theme–you don’t have to go overboard but can add a few details here and there to tie everything together. A few fun ideas are champagne/cheers, gold & glitz, mountains, pineapples. Make sure to think about when you will actually be at the event. It might be summer time when you’re planning but don’t pick pineapples if you’ll be at a bachelorette party in January (unless you are lucky enough to be traveling somewhere tropical!).


3. Itinerary – Most likely, you will have girls coming and going throughout the weekend so sending out an itinerary as an invitation or via email is helpful so everyone knows what activities they’ll be there for.  It’s a fun way to start incorporating the theme and getting everyone excited, and also good to note if anyone needs to bring any gifts or pack any clothing items they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.


4. Snapchat Filter – If you don’t post it on snapchat, did it really happen? OK so this will not make or break your weekend but it’s a small detail that goes a LONG way and they only will run you about $10 most of the time. There are so many options on Etsy that can be customized with the bride’s name.

Not sure how to add a snapchat filter for a bachelorette party? This is a great place to start. You can either upload your own that you purchased on Etsy or you can use the on-demand feature and just personalize it. Be sure to shrink the square footage on the map if it seems like it’s charging you too much–that makes a huge difference!

5. Hashtag – OK another one that isn’t make or break BUT is still a fun one to have picked out ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll probably get the question “is there a hashtag?” any time someone is posting a picture on Instagram. When you’re back at work the next Monday, you can scroll through all of the pictures in one place as you sit at your desk wishing you could relive the weekend.


6. Restaurant reservations – You probably won’t want to eat every meal out but it’s a nice gesture to the bride to do one nice or unique dinner and split her bill between guests. Ask the bride if she has any ideas and make a reservation (or several reservations) weeks, or even months, in advance. It’s not always easy to squeeze in a party of 10 at the last minute. You can always cancel the week before if you need to. A fun alternative is to hire a private chef to come cook for you if you’re staying in a house with an adequate kitchen!

7. Grocery/Shopping List – Figure out exactly how much of everything you’ll need beforehand so you can get an idea of budget. Think about snacks (midday and late night!), meals you’ll eat at the house, alcohol…everything. If you do this ahead of time, this can be factored into the amount that everyone pays upfront. You can always run back out if you need something later but it’s great to be organized and have the majority of the shopping out of the way as soon as you get there. Be sure to ask ahead if the place where you are staying provides toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc.

8. Decor – Everyone’s favorite! Obviously your theme will dictate a lot of the decor. Don’t just limit yourself to a banner and some confetti but think about other fun things to add some pizazz to! These Donut Toppers from Presto Party are a fun way to add some sparkle to donuts or some flamingo straws (I used both on the last bach party I planned!). Here are some fun items to add no matter what your theme: love balloon, tassel and pom pom decorations, fun cups, and napkins!

You’ll have a blast no matter what but hopefully these will make you feel more prepared. Just make sure you pack wine and cute outfits, and that everyone is ready to spoil the bride!!



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