Quick & Easy Patriotic Treats

A few years ago, I made these Rice Krispie treat bars for a baby shower and they were quite a hit—both at the party and on Pinterest!

I wished I’d done a step by step for these after they were pinned so much, so I took a few pictures of the materials and process when I made these for our Memorial Day gathering.

These are super easy and can be customized for just about any occasion with a little food coloring and optional ribbon! These would be perfect for the 4th of July but you could do colors and decorations for any holiday or party theme!

In the past I used melting chocolate from the grocery store and added food coloring to get the desired color, but I used these Meltables from the Sweet Tooth Fairy brand at Michael’s and they come in just about every color imaginable!

You could make your own Rice Krispie treat bars but I cheated and bought some from the grocery store, then cut them in half for a bite sized treat! This makes this treat super easy and quick!

After cutting them in half, follow the instructions on your melting chocolate. I like to melt these in coffee mugs because you can dip the treat in deeper without using as many candies, as opposed to using a bowl or shallow dish.

Once melted, insert a treat stick and dip the Rice Krispie treat into the melted chocolate. You can dip them as far as you’d like to get the desired look. Then set them upright on wax paper as pictured. Let them harden however you’d like to serve them, as the bottom will end up flat.

Sorry for the bad picture—this ended up being my only picture with the treats upright!

Then decorate however you’d like for your occasion! If you want to add some sprinkles, wait until the chocolate has hardened some and is no longer runny, but still tacky enough that the sprinkles will stick. I added some white chocolate meltables to a sandwich bag and snipped the corner of it so I could drizzle some with white stripes.

Once they have completely hardened, they are ready to enjoy! I think a ribbon adds a festive touch for minimal effort. If you are not serving immediately, you can store them in an airtight container or cover them with Saran Wrap. Just make sure they are completely hardened before doing so!

These are the perfect handheld treat for guests to enjoy while mingling and don’t be surprised if they go back for more!

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