Brown Paper Packages

Growing up, I always just used a combination of whatever wrapping paper my mom had in the house. Now that I have my own tree, I like to come up with a wrapping theme so that everything looks cohesive under the tree. Sounds silly, I know, but it literally makes me happy every time I look at the tree and it serves as décor as well!

Here are my presents from last year. I kept everything in the families of reds and naturals (burlap, kraft, etc.). I love the simplicity of kraft papers and when paired with bright colors, like reds or greens, it really pops!


One of the great things about kraft wrapping paper is you can write directly on the packages. The picture of last year’s Christmas presents under the tree is actually one of my first attempts as “faux-ligraphy” (faux calligraphy that is GREAT for beginners learning the style and concept of calligraphy…keep an eye out for a post on that later!!).

I think I’ll be ordering this kraft wrapping paper this year (crazy, I know!!) and will keep it for years to come. Can’t wait to hear my husband’s reaction when a 100-ft roll of kraft paper arrives on the doorstep!

Here are some of my favorite twists on the kraft paper idea that I may use for inspiration, as well as some themes I’d like to try out for Christmases in the future.

Kraft Picks:

Hand drawn bows is a unique twist on tying those brown paper packages up with string (also means you can cross ribbon off of your shopping list–one less thing to buy!). I love how this black and white ribbon gives the kraft paper a modern twist. And is there anything that brings kraft wrapping to life like some greenery?

Other Themes:

Buffalo plaid wrapping and the combination or red and white wrapping are both such classics! And I absolutely love the metallic and elegant touch that these gold ornaments give this white paper.

Any tried and true favorites that you’ve used for wrapping gifts in the past? Can’t wait to see what everyone has under their tree this year!


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