The Letterer’s Wish List

Calligraphy, whether it’s faux, modern, or traditional, is a skill that comes in handy all the time so even if you don’t plan on making a side business out of it, it can be so useful. You can use it when wrapping gifts, hosting a dinner party, creating home décor—the possibilities are limitless! So if you or a loved one are interested in getting started in this world, or even just have creative tendencies, these items will definitely delight when they are unwrapped on Christmas morning.


Micron Pens – Perfect for faux calligraphy (a great place to start when learning!) or to use when you are mixing different styles of writing. They also can be used for drawing details if you are adding some florals or other sketches to your lettering.

Tombow Fude Hard Tips – OK I’ve mentioned these in probably every post I’ve ever written but that’s because they are hands down, my favorite and most versatile pens! They give you the thick/thin line variation that is desired in calligraphy, but can be easily controlled.

Hand Lettering 101 – I started lettering just watching Instagram and YouTube but this book looks like it’s full of great beginner tips that are essential to getting a strong start when lettering!

Elmer’s Painters Pens – When making wood signs, or writing on non-traditional surfaces, Elmer’s Painters are my absolutely favorite. They’re so inexpensive (Walmart sells them individual so you can pick and choose your colors) and the white ones are especially valuable because it can be hard to find a pen that stays opaque on certain surfaces like this one does!

Laser Level – Not the most exciting or glamorous idea shown here, but trust me, this tool will you save you so much time and sanity! Instead of drawing pencil lines across your paper to keep your lettering straight, you can just use this laser level as a guide so it will save you time drawing the lines AND erasing them!

Recollections Metallic Pens – These are great for faux calligraphy and were actually one of my favorite stocking stuffers from my mom when I started lettering. The metallic definitely make a beautiful accent with florals and really pop on darker papers.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Lots of different color combinations are offered for these marker packs. They can be used to do brush lettering, faux calligraphy, fine tip writing, and they can even be used as watercolors! I don’t typically use these pens for items that I sell but they are definitely fun to play around with and the bright colors make a huge statement. I think every letterer starting off wants to have a set of these!

Aquash Water Brushes – It sounds weird, but these are great for brush lettering. You can use them with regular watercolor paints but the fact that they fill with water makes them very portable. For some reason, the style of these brushes makes it feel easier to master the thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes used for brush lettering.

Anything I should be putting on my Christmas list?


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