To Finetec or Not to Finetec?


Finetec paint was literally everywhere when I joined the Instagram world of lettering and painting. If you’re not familiar with Finetec, they are most popular for their palette of metallic gold watercolor paint. It has so many uses–you can use it for glittery backgrounds, swish a Pentel Aquash Brush in it and do some metallic lettering or even dip a nib in it to do some gilded formal calligraphy. People would even post videos of them just swirling their paintbrush around in the palette and believe me when I tell you, it is mesmerizing!

It was $30 for the palette of colors when I was looking into it, which wouldn’t break the bank but when you’re starting out with a new hobby and buying new tools left and right, that felt like a lot (exciting news: it seems to have come down in price, at least on Amazon!!).

The Finetec paint is great for adding small details like the pricklies seen here on the cactus.

Luckily, in my pursuit to test out this trend, I found out you can buy individual pan refills of the paint, meaning you can purchase one color to see how much you’d use it as opposed to buying the whole palette. I chose the Arabic Gold to test out. It produces a beautiful result but I honestly haven’t used it in too many of my projects. It’s fun to mess around with but I’m glad I just purchased the one pan refill because I think it’s nice in small amounts. My most popular Instagram post was using Finetec paint for some shiny touches but it was just something I did for fun, not necessarily something I would gift or sell.

I will say, I absolutely love when folks use it for dip pen calligraphy. It produces a stunning result!! Stunning enough to make me start practicing dip pen calligraphy like I promised myself I would!

I love the look of the metallic paint swirled in with other matte watercolors.  I’d had this song stuck in my head and felt like the lyrics needed a dreamy look to go along with them, which the Arabic Gold Finetec definitely delivers.

Final Verdict: There is no denying the Finetec Metallic Palette is a beautiful product and can achieve unique effects but I’ve found it most useful just in messing around, not necessarily for projects I would display in my home or sell to customers. Since the prices have dropped on these palettes, it’s a great time to try one out to use for fun or just to try one color at a time to get your feet wet and see what your thoughts are.

I’d love to hear your favorite uses for Finetec paints or if you’re on the fence on whether or not to jump on the bandwagon!


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