Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

If you’re reading this, chances are you either currently are or recently have been involved in a wedding in some way, shape, or form. There are so many events leading up to the actual wedding which means lots of gift exchanging! Whether it’s thanks to Pinterest or Instagram, brides seem to be getting more and more creative with their bridesmaids gift ideas and gifts for their entire bridal party and I love this trend!


Personalized packaging can make a gift feel so much more special without adding too much cost! Custom gift tags are a beautiful and thoughtful touch and let’s be honest, all of your bridesmaids will immediately take to instagram to post a picture of their personalized packaging! Here are some favorites below.

Kraft Gift Tags – These are perfect for a more rustic or natural wedding! With fall weddings coming up, we can see these with styled wildflowers and mason jars as gift tags or place cards!

Floral Gift Tags – If you are having a feminine bridesmaids luncheon or throwing a girly bridal shower, these are a great touch! We’ve even seen them styled for a tea party and the great thing is, since they are hand painted, they can be customized to any color scheme like this one.

Calligraphy Tags with Ribbon – A satin ribbon adds such an elegant touch and personalized calligraphy always ups the sophistication.

Now that you have the picture perfect packaging, here are some great gifts to slip inside! Besides, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?!


Button Down Pajamas – These make an adorable gift and you can personalize them like I did for my bridesmaids, or leave them plain. The pictures of everyone getting ready together in matching PJ’s look so nice, too. I got married in November so I opted for the long sleeve/long pants, but they also make a shorts version that would be perfect for a summer wedding!

Personalized Wine Tumblers – Custom champagne glasses make for a beautiful gift that can be used on the wedding day but these wine tumblers would be so much more practical for your bridesmaids to get tons of use of them after the wedding. It’s always nice to think about what they’ll be able to use in every day life since the gift is actually for them!

Earrings – This is a gift that can be used on the wedding day and will still be appreciated post wedding as well (hard to believe that life continues post-wedding, right??).

What have been some of your favorite gifts to receive as a thank you from the bride? I’d love to hear what felt extra special to you!!


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