Easy Halloween Costume for Boys

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Since we’ve all been sitting at home doing nothing for all of 2020, we should all have our kiddos ready for Halloween, right? Wrong! I’m not sure how, but 2020 has felt like more of a whirlwind of unpreparedness than any other year prior. Here is an easy costume idea for toddler boys if you’ve waited until the last minute like we have this year!

This is William’s little lumberjack costume from last year when he was about to turn one! In all honesty, I planned this fairly far in advance but this would be such an easy costume to throw together last minute. You probably already have clothes that would work and if you do have to buy some of the pieces, you can have your little guy wear them after Halloween so it doesn’t feel like a waste!

Hat (different color, prime delivery here) | Flannel Shirt (infant & toddler)| Jeans w/ Suspenders | Axe | Boots (similar here & here)

I picked up the flannel shirt and boots at a children’s consignment store, but have linked similar ones above. I definitely recommend checking out a consignment store near you though to make it very budget friendly! The plastic axe from Party City was the only item we didn’t use again after Halloween and it was only $4!

And about that beard…I ran a makeup brush under water and used brown eye shadow for that part. We of course tested beforehand to make sure it didn’t irritate his skin and in my opinion it ended up making the costume–so cute!

The teepee he is sitting under in his picture was prep for his first birthday party…I promise I’m not that extra just for taking a Halloween photo! If you’re not new around here, you’ve seen me use this teepee repeatedly. The one I have is no longer sold on Amazon but here is a similar one. The banner and mini tree are from Hobby Lobby!

Happy trick-or-treating…or whatever we end up doing for Halloween in 2020!

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