Small Business Spotlight: The Blessed Box

This elegant gift wrap is included with each gift box.

As much as I love the ease of shopping at Amazon and Target, I love supporting small businesses when I can because I know how every single transaction is making someone’s day a little brighter! Those purchases could help a parent stay home with their children or they could be supporting someone’s side hustle so unexpected expenses are a little less scary for their family. Either way, I can tell you first hand that the saying is true: When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance!

For this week’s post, the spotlight is on an Etsy shop, The Blessed Box. The shop sells “gifts for all occasions that delight and encourage.” From birthdays, to engagements, and even a box just to bring a smile to someone’s face, there is an option for everyone! The great thing about The Blessed Box is that each box is inspired by a gift that the owner has actually created for a loved one.

“It has been rewarding for my children to watch the growth of The Blessed Box and learn how hard work and creativity can blossom into a fun, successful small business.”

Each box includes a variety of adorable items like handmade candles, fun socks, ring dishes, and confetti poppers, but aside from the great gift items, the convenience can’t be beat! You can place your order through Etsy and the gift is mailed to the intended recipient with a personalized note, as well as a gift box tied with ribbon. That means no running around to multiple stores to pick out gifts and no waiting in line at the post office to mail it — The Blessed Box takes care of it all! I think it’s such an amazing idea which is evidenced by the constant stream of sales on her site!

One of many fun and thoughtful gift boxes offered by The Blessed Box! Of course, we love this one that celebrates Boss Babes (especially those with side hustles!!).

Here is a little Q&A to get to know Stephanie, the shop owner:

How did you get started with The Blessed Box? I have had the opportunity to teach at a community college for the past 8 years. My job is extremely fulfilling and I enjoy teaching, but I felt the need for a creative outlet. Giving gifts has always brought me great delight, particularly sending something in the mail and imagining the joy on a loved one’s face as they open the gift. One of the challenges of sending the perfect gift is finding the time to shop for a unique gift, finding the right packing supplies, and then going to the post office to purchase shipping. I love that our customers can send a unique gift with a personalized message without ever leaving home. Each gift box has a cozy pair of socks, a candle, and a few other items designed to bring encouragement and delight.

What is your favorite item offered in your shop right now? Do I have to pick just one? All of our congratulatory gifts are so much fun! I adore the Pregnancy Congratulations gift because of the beautiful combination of pink and gold and I love the thought of a newly expectant mommy opening the gift. The Congratulations on Your Engagement gift is another favorite and has so many cute items inside. I also offer several gift boxes of encouragement and one of my favorites is the Hang In There gift featuring a sloth. It is so much fun and it is the perfect gift for a friend going through a challenging season.

Has having a side business given you any opportunities that you didn’t previously have? The Blessed Box has given me the opportunity to express myself creatively and provide unique products that bring joy to my customers and the recipients of the gifts. Another awesome benefit is setting my own work schedule so that I don’t miss out on time with my husband and kids. It has also been rewarding for my children to watch the growth of The Blessed Box and learn how hard work and creativity can blossom into a fun, successful small business. They are very excited for the release of each new product and they contribute their ideas too.

What advice do you have for someone who is starting their own business? Passion and organization are the keys to success. Do something you are very passionate about because starting your own business is a lot of hard work! When you are passionate about your work, you will not mind the long hours. Stay organized. I set my schedule each week for the hours I will work in The Blessed Box. This has helped me stay organized, meet deadlines, and keep the work from spilling into the other parts of my life.

What’s next for The Blessed Box or any other ideas you’d like to pursue? The Blessed Box has begun creating custom gift boxes for small business owners to send as thanks to their customers. I have enjoyed this collaborative process and am looking forward to growing The Blessed Box in this area. I also have several new gift boxes in the works that will release within the next month.

This handmade pendant would be appreciated by any mom-to-be and it’s part of the Pregnancy Congratulations gift box, one of Stephanie’s personal favorites!

I can’t wait to see what is next for The Blessed Box!!

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