Custom Wedding Maps

I mentioned in my iPad Pro review that one of my favorite projects is a custom wedding map. I’ve gotten a couple of requests for making these here and there, from friends and from brides-to-be who found my Charlotte map on the Elle Bowes, but I’m excited to announce that I have just started listing the service in my Etsy shop!


These are such a fun way to completely customize something for your wedding. You can make it all your own with different icons/landmarks that are specific to your event like the church for the ceremony, reception and rehearsal venue, places that your out of town guests might enjoy checking out and more! They take quite a bit of time to put together and a lot of back and forth communication but I think the end result is always great and so unique. I love seeing how brides have used them as well: invitations, wedding websites, hotel welcome bags, and you could even frame one to have as a wedding keep sake.


I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in doing a custom wedding map of your own!



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