Stylishly Organized Offices

We’ll be moving into our new house in August (as long as all goes as planned) and one of the areas I’m most excited to plan is some office space! I think because these are generally smaller, you can have more fun decorating than you would in a larger room, which is perfect for a creative space!

In our last house, I honestly worked out of our dining room most of the time which meant that our dining room table was always covered in an assortment of paper, markers, and watercolor paints. That was definitely not ideal but I learned that an important part of the new office space will be organization. I’m not the most organized person naturally (anyone in my family can and will very quickly vouch for that) so I really have to set myself up for success. These are some of my favorite inspiration offices that I’ve found so far as inspiration for the new space!

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office inspiration

left | middle | right

Here are some of the picks I have my eye on–and yes, before you ask, I do think fake glasses are a fun office accessory!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

What are some of your tips for staying stylishly organized in a small space?

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