Winter Tablescape

We had the delight of having a house full of family for dinner on Christmas day with my in-laws flying into town and my whole side of the family driving over for the evening. Lucky for me, my mother in law did most all of the cooking which left me with setting the table. I wanted something cozy with natural elegance and I spotted the perfect items for achieving this look while running some last minute Christmas errands!

Photo Dec 24, 11 09 14 AM (2)The elements of the tablescape–greenery, drinkware, flatware, candles, name cards, and menus–are detailed below. The theme is wintry, so a similar look could be created for dinner tables other than just for Christmas.Photo Dec 24, 9 26 44 AM

Greenery | I’d pictured having greenery running down the center of our dinner table but wasn’t quite sure how to achieve it until I saw some bunches of evergreen greenery for $4 at Whole Foods. I purchased 3 bunches total but only ended up using 2 for the tablescape–$8 for a table arrangement is not a bad deal at all! This same look could be redone with other greenery as well–my mom actually did a similar setup with eucalyptus on Christmas eve that was absolutely beautiful! Trader’s Joe’s is a great spot to get florals and eucalyptus, but a lot of grocery stores have green “filler” that you can use for this same look.

Photo Dec 24, 9 28 28 AMDrinkware| Glasses of varying heights give so much dimension to a tablescape, especially when the natural light or candlelight hits them. The champagne flutes and oversized wine glasses are fancier, while the mason jars are more rustic so they combine for a natural elegance.

Flatware | I was planning on just using our standard silverware but my husband (of the year) called me and told me they had gold flatware at Target for $2 each?!?! Yes, bring me all of the gold flatware, please!! Loved the gold color next to the greenery. Update!! I found the gold flatware online at Target and it can be purchased here!

Candles | Every table needs candlelight of some sort–it adds SO much! These candle holders were a HomeGoods find while I was standing in line (of course, they get me every time while I’m in line) but any natural colored candle or candle holder would give a similar look.

Photo Dec 24, 9 29 28 AMName cards | A great way to add a personal touch to each place setting. If you don’t want it to feel formal with assigned seating, you can do the same look with a word related to the event like “congrats” or “gather”.

Menu | I mostly made these menus just to have fun playing around on the iPad but people actually ended up referencing them while eating dinner to remember what they were having. It added another layer of detail to the place settings but also was a fun conversation piece as well. Similar printable menu’s can be purchased here–they can be completely customized to match your event!

Photo Dec 24, 9 23 30 AMPhoto Dec 24, 9 28 28 AMPhoto Dec 24, 9 31 22 AMPhoto Dec 24, 9 23 53 AM

I loved how this turned out even though it was so simple. I can’t wait to plan our next dinner party!

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