Parent Trap Halloween Costume Idea

As an elementary schooler watching the Parent Trap, Meredith Blake was the ultimate villain. Now as an adult, I think she’s a little bit fabulous.

BackpackCropped Jacket Workout SetToy Lizards

The Parent Trap is such a nostalgic movie for me: my best friend and I would act out scene after scene pretending to be Annie and Hallie and wishing we were estranged twins that had just reunited at summer camp.

When thinking of ideas for Halloween costumes, I love for them to be simple yet clever, and it’s always a plus when parts of the costume can either be found in your closet already or used again after Halloween.

Dressing up as Meredith Blake seemed to check all the boxes! The workout set and backpack will definitely still be getting use long after the trick or treat candy is gone, and I’m sure my toddlers will get some fun out of the play lizards.

The scene with Meredith Blake going cross-eyed after spotting the lizard on her water bottle was iconic and everyone loved the sweet, sweet revenge when the lizard actually crawled in her mouth. How fun would it be to be inspired by such a memorable scene for Halloween this year?!

BackpackCropped Jacket Workout SetToy Lizards

I think this is the perfect easy Halloween costume for millennials who loved watching this movie with their BFFs growing up! It’s simple and can even be a last minute option since all of the items linked are available on Amazon prime – just pick up an Evian water bottle en route to your costume party and you’ll be all set!

Now I just need to decide if I want the lizard in my hair or on my water bottle!

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