Vintage Carnival Baby Shower

Not sure why I decided to start blogging again at 39 weeks but, hey, just going with it! We have been so blessed in the months leading up to Baby Dazzo’s arrival and it’s unbelievable the amount of love that this child has already been shown!

We flew up to New York in September for a baby shower thrown by Anthony’s mother. It was Peter Rabbit themed to match the nursery and we ate so. much. Italian food. I’ve never been to a baby shower with a five course meal before but it was so lovely!!

My sweet, sweet sisters threw me a baby shower in October and the theme was Vintage Carnival! The bright colors made it so fun and there were so many adorable details that I wanted to share!!

My sister, Kelli, handmade these invitations. She is so talented!! Check out her Etsy shop here.

My sister turned a few stacks of tissue paper into these tassels and poofs and my mom made this colorful tulle wreath for the door to greet guests. We plan to put the wreath back up once baby arrives in November.

It was an afternoon shower so we had lots of finger foods and, of course, a whole table dedicated to desserts!!

Such a fun way to display cupcakes!! They had the most adorable ferris wheel to display cupcakes as well but these delicious cupcakes from Dewey’s Bakery were too big to fit! My kind of cupcakes 🙂
Cotton candy served in martini glasses!
Sour gummy worms have been one of the only things I’ve really craved during my pregnancy and of course circus peanuts for the circus baby shower!

I thought the yellow carnations in popcorn boxes were the most creative and fun touch!! They added so much and were right on theme.



I got to squeeze in a tiny bit of chalkboard lettering which I always am up for!!



Wait that is next week…ahh!!

These favors were another handmade touch by my sister, Kelli!! So cute and of course even sweeter that they were handmade with love!


I wish we had a picture with the whole gang but here are some of the loved ones that helped to shower Baby Dazzo–it was very touching to have visitors from both near and far!

Counterclockwise from the top left: My friend Nicole surprised me and came straight from a wedding that she was doing makeup for in Charlotte. The hostesses with the mostesses–my sisters–and my mom. My high school friends that traveled from Raleigh with a tiny baby and all the way from MINNEAPOLIS! My adorable niece, Mimi (be sure to notice her mama in matching polka dots…too cute!). Our next door neighbor, James. He was everyone’s favorite in the clown nose! And of course another family shot with our red clown noses!


Anthony showed up at the end and was a good enough sport to put on a clown nose as well!


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